The Miles-Luchak Family

For the Miles-Luchak family, Clackamas has been a public service calling, a business partner, and the school of choice.

Lori Luchak-Oland was a little surprised when her son Alex Luchak suddenly left a state university and enrolled at CCC. She also was quite pleased. CCC is a tradition in her family. Her father, Lowell Miles, founder and CEO of Miles Fiberglass, has been on the college’s Foundation Board for more than 20 years.  Lori, president of Miles Fiberglass, graduated from CCC. For Alex, the move was common sense. “I like the small classes,” Alex said. “It’s more affordable, and the courses are more industry direct.”

Miles Fiberglass manufactures everything from Humvee hoods to light rail components, and has diversified into repairing wind turbine blades.  Lori worked with CCC’s Customized Training & Development Services to develop programs to help staff expand into new areas.  “We are proud to partner with CCC,” Lori said.

For Lowell, knowing that CCC is helping his business evolve as his grandson joins the family business is the perfect next chapter in the future of Miles Fiberglass.