Facts & Figures

Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, individuals, families, and former students, Clackamas Community College has over 350 scholarships available to award each year.  A 2012 University of Georgia study of 850 2-year public college foundations ranks the CCC Foundation in the top 100 in total assets and the top 40 in annual funds raised in 2012.

From 2008-2013, we awarded 1,891 scholarships totaling $2,714,043.  During that same period the Foundation made an additional $150,000 available for textbooks, childcare, and emergency grants.

Even with our best efforts, we still had to turn away more than 30% of well-qualified applicants.  As our 50th Anniversary approaches, we encourage everyone to become a partner in finding scholarship dollars for those students left on the waiting list. 

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With your help, students can reach their dreams, get careers, and build our local communities!