I believe that education is key to being successful because it is something no one can take from you and is powerful in different aspects of your life. I consider myself fortunate and I am so grateful to have received such a helpful scholarship. Not only does this impact myself but my family. I hope to one day help those who are less fortunate as you helped me. I appreciate your generosity and thank you again for enabling this opportunity!

-- Amerh Abu-Lawi  Recipient of the DeShane Wilson Scholarship


Being a single mom, going to school and working is tough on all of us. Your generous support will not only help me concentrate more on schooling but will also enable me to be there more for my children. They are still young (8 &6) so they don’t quite realize the domino effect of your kindness. With this scholarship, I will be able to be at home with my family more and spend less time at work while completing the nursing program at CCC.  Thank you so much for your support.

--Ruth Adkins --Recipient of one of the Inskeep Family Scholarships


Your financial generosity by awarding my the James T. Brouillette Family Scholarship enables me to concentrate more on what is important for me, my education and my children and to one day help other deserving children.

--Vickie Barnes--Recipient of the James T. Brouillete Family Scholaship


I am happy to say that after my three terms at CCC I am maintaining my Honor Roll status and have a cumulative GPA of 3.71. I am appreciative of the knowledge I am obtaining from CCC and even more appreciative of your scholarship to help me on my journey. I am currently experiencing financial troubles with finishing school and the unexpected award of this scholarship lifts a little of the trouble I face and gives me hope and more determination that I can succeed. Thank you again for your contribution. I will be forever grateful.

--Judy Caldwell – Recipient of the Canby Garden Club Scholarship


I am a thirty-five year old single mother to a twelve year old boy with autism and a part time employee at Taco Bell.  As a full time student and mom financial concerns and overwhelming looming debt are always on my mind. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to focus on more important things like working on my double bachelor’s degree in Sign Language Interpretation and Psychology.

--Nanna Newman – Recipient of the Paulson Family Scholarship