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50th Anniversary Campaign

For nearly 50 years, Clackamas Community College has been a beacon for people seeking a life of greater opportunity. Tens of thousands of people have started their journey to increased earning potential at CCC.

Finance remains the #1 barrier to entering college cited by parents and students. Many students are working one or more jobs and balancing family, community and personal commitments while coming to Clackamas Community College to reach their dreams of a brighter future.


Did you know...   

The CCC Foundation

Clackamas Community College

$581, 675 scholarship awards for 2014-15

Three unique campuses

582 scholarship applications received

Serve 28,000 students per year

282 students awarded scholarships

1,300 classes taught each term

300 students unserved

$4,134 tuition and fees for one year

“Everyone should have an opportunity for an education. CCC is the link between dreams and a brighter future.” - Jerry Turner, CCC Foundation


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“At Clackamas I had the opportunity to thrive and figure out what I wanted to do.”

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