Military Families Scholarship Endowment

Serving veterans and their families since 2007

The greatest obstacle facing our returning veterans is securing education and training for family-wage jobs.

That's why Clackamas Community College established the Military Families Scholarship Endowment.

The cost of college tuition across the country is increasing at an alarming rate, with thousands of students priced out of entrance. Falling through the cracks are those, like our military and their families, who do not qualify for federal aid and who do not have the resources in the bank to pay the costs.

The CCC Military Families Scholarship Endowment ensures that our service men and women, and their families, are taken care of when it comes to their education.

The Military Families Scholarship Endowment will fund scholarships, books, fees and other educational support and training.


Oregon veterans, military, and family members that apply for Clackamas Community College courses online or at any CCC campus are eligible for scholarships. Qualified candidates include veterans of all eras, family members and active duty personnel, reserves, Oregon National Guard, and survivors of those service men and women lost serving our country since 2003.

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