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Community responds to wildfires

Firefighters eatingThe past two weeks have been devastating for our community. Shocking wildfires ripped through precious Oregon lands and towns. Like me, you may have had to evacuate and find shelter elsewhere. Tragically, some of you may have even lost your homes and businesses.
It was an incredible feat for CCC to respond to. At first, our Oregon City campus became a designated Red Cross shelter for evacuated residents and their animals. Then, up to 1,000 first responders from every part of the state of Oregon were stationed at a fire camp here as they worked around the clock against the Riverside fire.
It became quickly apparent that these heroes would need resources from the college like food, showers and shelter to sustain them.
That’s when you all stepped in.
In less than 12 waking hours, neighbors, evacuees and distant friends donated to CCC’s support of first responders. Just over $25,000 supplied them with endless coffee refills, warm meals from CCC’s cafe and lunches to take with them during their 12-hour shifts.
I went to campus one evening to make a batch of coffee for those waking up for the night shift and to help serve dinner. It was spaghetti night. I will always remember the way the campus looked with a field of tents in a veil of smoke. A chainsaw repair station for those gearing up for their shift. Responders walking in to Randall Hall to have a fresh shower. And for some reason there I stood, lucky enough to pour coffee and express thanks on behalf of everyone who donated – each cup, a gesture of gratitude from residents all over the county with lives and homes at stake.
Our students, colleagues, families and friends have faced compounding adversities this year. For those of you impacted by the fires, my heart goes out to you.
Thank you to all the generous donors listed below who helped us reach our goal in record time. We are so honored to be a part of this community that always steps up to care for each other in times of crisis.
With gratitude,
Sara Dier, Annual Giving Officer

Donors for first responders at CCC

President's Circle Donors


Shelley McCoy

Clackamas Hero


Checkpoint Motors
Peter Charness
Derek Conrad
Jen Fritz
Haris Gunadi
Simone Helsel
Amy Lenhardt
Ryan Marl
Michelle Phillips
Steven Sherman
Richard Sutton
Brooke Toma
Tony's Smoke House and Cannery
Toni Gibson

Rapid Responder


Amy Coppedge
Rebecca Coulsey
Amy Crooks
Kristy Dady
Dan Davis
Mary Heim
Christine Henry
Kerrie Hughes
Tamara Katzmarek
Diane Kovach
Debbie Kraft
Elizabeth A. Munns
Julie Peters
Tom Pullella
Jennifer Sclafani
Tracy Shaffer
Sara Simmons
Auto Shop Northwest

Champion ($100-$249)

Cameron Vervais
Connie Ables
Amanda Austin
Kelly Bates
Christi Billings
Cynthia Bowline
Andrea Boyd-Helm
Richard Brotzman
Louise Carnachan
Paige Clark
Ami Collofello
Matt Coombs
Jeannette Courtain
Peter Curcio
Mary Curtis
Monique Evans
Rebecca Garrett
Veronica Glustein
Alyssa Hansen
Diana Harmon
Richelle Heacock
Dawn Hendricks
Alan Hipolito
Charmaine Hunt
Richard Jacobson
Allen James
Holly Jennings
Linda Johnson
Rhianna Johnson
Laura A. Joyce
Kimberly Kent
Daniel Kim
Kim Kirchhofer
Erin LeDoux
Linda Long
Angela Loraas
Royann Lund
Sherrie Matl
Joyce McClure
Connie McDowell
Jodi McKinney
Scott McReynolds
Lezlie Montoya
Kerry Nussbaumer
Trevor Olson
Shelly Parini-Runge
Melinda Pence
Shauna Petchel
Joan Peterson
Kevin Petsu
Carra Pewsey
Scot Pruyn
Marci Rahn
Sergio Raymundo
Theresa Reed
Marshall Rigsbee
Tanner Rons
Angeline Sanford
Sharon Schneider
Shellene Schneider
Terianne Smith
A Somes
Mike Springer
Danielle St. Clair
Jeff Stanfield
Lydia Stoffers
Nick Sumerfelt
Merrianna Tolbert
Beth Davidson
Kacie Deon
Kevin Dier
Elizabeth Eriksen
Randi Escobedo
Michael Vandyken
Linda Vogt
Jennifer Wagner
Gregory Walsh
Saby Waraich
Clif Wegner
Danielle Weinstein
Jana Wells
Kathie M. Woods
Carrie Young
Christi Young
Accustar Air Balance, Inc.
Slice of a City
Firefighters at CCC

Supporter (Up to $99)

Laurie Isola
Eileen McCarty
Teresa Alexander
Kirstin Appel
Lisa Ashton
Joe Bayless
Jill Bennett
Ernest A. Blackwell
Stephanie Blanchard
Trillium Boult
Sarah Bowers
Joan Briscoe
Jeffrey Butler
Amy Cannata
Sofia Castillo
Jennifer Chard
Matt Christensen
Dotty Coburn
Jennifer Cunningham
Tasha Dachtler
Gale DeFontes
Celeste Derheimer
Mattie Dickinson
Sara Dier
Summer Dowell
Abby Farber
Claudia Fife
Paul Fiskum
Chris Forsberg
Amie Freetly
Amy Froyd
Justin Gibson
Pat Greene
Lincoln Grimes
Chris Groener
Mike Guthu
Lori Hall
Anna Hansen
Mary Herrick
Lori Howell
Lou Ann Jacobs
Elizabeth Johnson
Jack Juntunen
Carol Landsman
Julie Leffler
Pamela Macauley
Susan Mach
Nicole Manley
Lisa Mann
Sheldon McCarrel
Stan McDonald
Linda Metz
Rhonda Moore
Susan Murray
Mary Norville
Gina Noyes
Kathryn Oetzel
Lauren Page
Codin Pangell
Shawna Peters
Cait Polis
MB Pusieski
Tom Quick
Kim Radcliff
Debbie Riggen
Charissa Ringo
Debbie Roller
Theresa M. Sanne
Andra Spencer
David Staron
Cheryl L. Tallman
Justine Tucker
Terry Wagner
Thomas Wasson
Teresa Wicklund
Gregory Wilson
Agnes Zach
CSC Upholstery
Transfire LLC
Tonia Lordy
Diane Budden
Donna Renhard
Nora Brodnicki
Holli Cathcart
Nancy Fisher
Kathryn Furr-Danner
Tamara Harper
Lillie Holzworth
Destiny Le
Connie Lewis
Justine Marquam
Elizabeth McCabe
Rachel Perry
Jennifer Rueda
Wendy Shoufler
Jacqueline Thomas
Michelle Thomas
Juliana Udlock
Michelle Wylder
JG Zettergren
Brandon Dillon
Megan Feagles
Katie Greenfield
Sara Hoffman
Kendra McQueeney
Jennifer Newsome
Linnie Villanueva
Kristi Yost
Ponta Abadi
Lyndsay Mcneff
Anja Reinberg
Jerrilynn Nall
Polly Sheckels

Welcome Center receives $500,000 donation

Welcome Center In August The Sunderland Foundation gave a generous donation of $500,000 to be used to support the completion of CCC's new Welcome Center. Once completed, the Welcome Center will greatly improve access to the student services we offer. From the entire CCC community, we want to extend a huge thank you to The Sunderland Foundation for their amazing gift. We’re grateful for their contribution.
Looking to provide a naming gift for a space in the Welcome Center? Many common areas, centers, and conference spaces are available to name. Contact John Chang for more details.
Want to know more about the Welcome Center? Click here!

Investing in champions

For the past decade, Clackamas Community College wrestling has been synonymous with success. Not just success on the wrestling mat but in the classroom as well. Since the 2010-11 season Clackamas Wrestling has either won the National Championship or finished as the National Runner Up on 6 occasions! This success is all directly related to donations they have received to make the program operate.
Due to COVID 19 the wrestling crab feed event, wrestling camps and tournaments CCC hosts have all been cancelled. These are the only sources of funding this nationally prominent program. Help them maintain the ground that took 15 years to gain. Click here to support CCC Wrestling!
Wrestling team


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