Jane Rickenbaugh Endowment


Jane Rickenbaugh began working at Clackamas Community College in 1967. She started the college’s dance program, taught speech and served as department chair of communications and the arts. In those early days, Jane was one of just 23 full-time CCC instructors who taught in modular buildings. Her dance classes, however, were scattered around the community and in the Smucker’s jam factory on the CCC campus. Officially retired in 2003, Jane continued to teach dance and speech classes for many years. 

With a family full of musicians, performance was part of Jane’s heritage.  “Dance and Clackamas Community College have been my life,” she explained.  Her passion to make dance accessible for students led to the creation of the Jane Rickenbaugh endowment which will support the communication arts and dance programs at Clackamas.