Buck Rich manufactures a new career

When Buck Rich was still 12 credits shy of a dual degree in manufacturing/technology and computer-aided machining, he already had landed great job. Through a temporary agency he worked for a major Northwest manufacturer doing thermal forming and helping to create the intricate molds that shape athletic shoes.

Rich says thanks to CCC’s up-to-date training, there was very little learning curve. “CCC gave me exactly what I needed to go out there and make money and support my family,” Rich said.

Rich, 34, a husband and father to three boys, lost his construction job to the recession after working in the field since he was 17. After talking with college counselors, he quickly realized the Manufacturing Department could be a smart path to a family-wage job.

“I’ve learned a new profession that will provide more than I ever could have made otherwise. Thanks to CCC, I’ve got a new career and a new life.”