Establish a Scholarship Fund

Financial access to higher education has become increasingly difficult as state funding diminishes, tuition escalates, and the costs of childcare, textbooks, transportation, and living expenses make it challenging for many to attend college. This makes CCC Foundation’s work to build scholarship funds vitally important. Many students are working one or more jobs while balancing family, community, volunteer, and personal commitments at the same time they are attending CCC.

Scholarships make an incredible difference in students' ability to complete their courses, get a job, or transfer to a 4-year University. When you help start a student on the road to success, you are making an important investment in our county's future. 

Scholarships are the heartbeat of the Foundation. Our donors believe in assisting local students to reach their academic dreams through support of annual or endowed scholarships. 


Annual Scholarships
Endowed Scholarships
If you're interested in establishing a scholarship or supporting an existing fund, please contact Haley Stupasky, Director of College Advancement,